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This is logically perfect, but pragmatically impracticable.On the other hand, at the other end of the scale is the second view, the other extreme stand, namely, life begins only on birth. One may then argue that if there was no life before birth, then all sorts of legal restrictions and sanctions dealing with the inference of the foetus become unnecessary except to the limited extend of preventing such interference in the interest of the mothers health.For instance, it may be either, (i) natural; (ii) accidental; (iii) spontaneous; (iv) artificial or induced abortion.Abortions falling under the first three categories are not punishable, while induced abortion is criminal unless exempted under the law.If then qualifies, this opposition by specifying a series of exceptions.

As a basic premise law states, that killing a foetus is not permissible.Such condemnation could only be on the basis that there is some kind of life deserving protection. The Mother: Abortion raises a variety of moral, legal, social and medical questions.If the pregnant women finds it necessary to terminate her pregnancy, does she have the right and upto what moment and on what conditions?However, literature reveals that life sciences have not offered any well-laid guidelines to determine these crucial questions.Some non-medical men and women have made bold assumptions on the subject, which have come to represent the layman's view.

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  1. In case a subsequent event of the type requiring adjustment of the financial statements (as discussed in section 560.03) occurs after the date of the independent auditor's report but before the issuance of the related financial statements, and the event comes to the attention of the auditor, the financial statements should be adjusted or the auditor should qualify his or her opinion.